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My sister recently had a graduation party and I took this opportunity to test out some available running in the Chicago suburbs. I have to admit, it was quite impressive. I never expected such elevation for the area. There was even a really mean hill that is truly amazing for hill repeats — it was about a 65-70ยบ incline, easily; almost unrunnable. The only problem was that I never expected to find a trail so I only brought my Saucony’s (street running shoes). But I’m sorta glad I did simply because I can now see first-hand that trail shoes are really made for trails. I was all over the damn place try to run up that hill. Lisa, on the other hand, had her Montrail Mountain Masochists and had almost no issues climbing (other than the fact that it was damn hard, physically).

Aside from the hill repeats, I was able to increase my pace for the first time since my injury. I finally was able to run a 6 mph pace for the entire hour. However, at the very end the pain returned. I wasn’t too worried about it because it felt different this time. Sure, it was there, but it felt as if it would go away as soon as I stopped running (and it did). This is why I never get too excited when I run pain-free. I know it’s still around, just waiting for me to f-up and do something stupid. Admittedly, I pushed a bit too hard because I was excited about my 6 mph pace, but fortunately nothing serious came from it. I’m pretty good now. Taking Advil as a precaution, but pretty good.

Congrats to everyone who competed in the PCT 50-miler. You guys all did very well. And good luck to those in the upcoming Leadville Trail 100. I’ll be keeping track online. I’ll even go out and suffer for a bit just so I’m not too comfortable. I always feel this is necessary. The same was true for Badwater and Hardrock. When others are suffering, I feel compelled to suffer along with them. It’s a disease.


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