It’s been a slow month (August, that is) for running as different things came up which prevented me from running. But it seems like I’m getting my endurance back. It suffered a bit from the time off from the injury, but what suffered the most is speed. I was never really fast to begin with, but I was faster than what I can pull off now. I’m a little embarrassed with myself about it, but that’s what happens when most of your running is really slow due to an injury. You body starts adjusting to that speed and that speed only. So the other day I’ve decided the best think to do is put aside endurance training for now and and concentrate on speed.

Things are also incredibly busy with school and traveling, so that doesn’t help matters. At the moment, I could only presume the rest of the semester will be speed training (i.e., short, fast runs) and a few longer runs scattered randomly throughout. But I’ll be around the trails and I hope to see others in the near future.