A brief update, so that I don’t neglect this blog and my ultra-friends πŸ™‚

Things are looking up for me. As I’m certain all of you are familiar with, at this stage of the recovery process is really all about motivation. After so much time off — well, I should say “after so many sub-50 miles months” — motivation starts to deteriorate. As with almost everything in life, I believe it’s all mental and this is a block. Blocks and barriers can be overcome with work. And work is what I try to do. It may not always be the best (some days are worse than others), but I’m working at it slowly.

That said, I should end up with over 50-miles this month! I’m shooting for something like 60-65 (originally I thought I can do 75, but those damn barriers). Running is becoming less painful, and that is awesome for me. My longest so far since the full-time injury is 7.5 miles. Low, but it’s progress. I’m happy to report that this morning’s 5-miler was completely pain-free. To me, these things are exciting, as with any other progress one experiences.

Once I feel comfortable that this healing is not something temporary, I will increase mileage and try to get back to my old self (well, better, actually!). I don’t know what future plans are, but I’m always thinking about Rocky. Sure, it’s many months off, but you can never plan too early, especially when there’s injury involved. Again, this is just a thought. There are always many pressures when racing/competing.

Good luck to all my friends who are competing in the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) this weekend! Take some photos for me. And kick some ass. πŸ™‚