Well, I went out as planned yesterday for another run at RFP. It wasn’t a great as the day before, but it was nice. Got in a little over 5 miles at a slower pace than the day before, but I’m not too concerned with speed at this point. I just need to fully heal up. Needless to say, the pain more-or-less returned (not that it was ever fully gone)

I’ve decided I’m gonna see a doctor this week. I need to. I mean, this problem has been with me for far too long and I’m honestly starting to even reconsider whether it’s actually an IT-band problem. I’m sorta pinpointed the problem. If you place your thumb on the ball of the knee (on the side of your leg), slowly wrap your thumb around it until you get to the back of that ball, and press, that’s where my pain is located. So the actual pain is not on the side, but rather in the back of that small ball area of the knee. It’s hard to tell what goes on in that area, but it can be painful as anything else. When I arrived home from that run yesterday, I took off my right shoe and actually fell over from the intense pain. My knee just gave out from the pain. It was a sudden thing that came out of nowhere. This incident, I believe, put the final nail in the coffin in my decision to go get it checked out. But I must admit the pain is not as bad as it had been in the past several weeks. So there’s progress. I just wish it were better and faster progress.

I’ll post when I find out what the docs diagnose it as.