Two things today. One, after a long debate with myself, I’ve decided to change the name of the blog. Life changes, therefore things associated with me and my life also have to follow suit. There’s no way around that. Of course this isn’t anything drastic or life-changing, but it was something that had to be done for personal reasons. To me, it’s no different than changing the layout of a blog; sometimes you are feeling one layout, and other days you just feel a change or shift in your thoughts and beliefs or whatever else is moving you. Therefore, change must happen. Anywho, suffering in silence is the way a lot of us ultra runners operate. Sure, people whine when pain becomes almost unbearable, but for the majority of the time we suffer in silence. The way it’s supposed to be. It’s your own journey, so who needs to hear about your crying and whining about a decision you made to run?

The other thing: I believe my knee pain is finally subsiding! I was able to run a relatively fast-paced 7.75 miles yesterday at a really easy trail here in Lawrence (River Front Park). Because it’s so easy and non-technical, I believe it helps my knee and at the same time allows me to continue running. I can’t express how wonderful it felt to finally get a run in longer than 3.5 miles. Too good to express with beautiful words. In fact, I wanna get out there again today for a run as long as my body allows me to go — nothing exaggerated, but maybe another 7-8 miles.

I think I will continue running RFP until I feel I’ve healed completely and then I’ll head back to something more technical like Clinton Lake. Until then, I wish everyone well and hope summer’s treating everyone fairly (with great weather, of course).