Some pretty decent/good news. On Sunday I was able to run 3.5 miles with relatively no pain in my knee/IT-band area! I did, however, take it pretty easy just in case the pain would become aggravated. I don’t wanna mess around at this point. Moreover, I took my XT Wings out of retirement, so perhaps that helped as well. The cushioning on those shoes are just amazing for my feet. I’ll continue running with them.

It felt good to get out there and run again on the trails; it really did. I can feel I’ve lost a little bit of my “oomph” factor, but it’s not terrible. I mean, I knew it would happen, no questions. I just don’t wanna lose too much of what I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

All that said, I think I’m gonna take it easy this summer and not race at all. The Fall may be the first time I race again. I also want to do Rocky Raccoon 100 in February, so training for that can slowly start this summer. But I think with all this time off from “real running,” it’d be silly of me to try to sign up for a race this summer, even a 50k. Although it would be totally doable for one in July, I don’t wanna push it. Besides, I don’t like rushing these things.

Thank you for everyone’s support during my time of struggles. It sucks, but I’ll be back soon enough. Until then, I hope everyone’s training is going as planned.