The body truly is an amazing machine. I like to think of it like a car; it runs smoothly for some time and then out of nowhere it needs some maintenance. But with that logic, it’s totally normal, right? You bet.

Since the race, the side of my right foot has been on-and-off painful (the pain comes from extended–and by extended I mean like 5 minutes–walking). Strangely, it’s on the side. Now, when I get these walking pains it does seem to extend into the bottom portion of my foot, but it’s hard to tell if this is indeed the route it’s following. Nevertheless, I don’t foresee any running this week. No doubt about it.

I was talking with someone earlier this week about a perfect run. I had mentioned that there always seems to be something in the way that stops us from having a perfect run. It’s either your foot, your shin, your calf, your knee, your toe, your hamstring, et cetera. Something is always a pain in the ass. And, usually, if it were not for that one thing, you’d run the perfect race (or the perfect training run, whatever).

I used to play backgammon quite seriously many years back, and for those not familiar with the game, it’s a game heavily based on probability (this is an elusive term) since it’s a game utilizing a pair of dice. Even in backgammon, I would have amazing games, but many times they would start amazingly and then the related something would veer its ugly head, namely luck. And if it were not for that luck, I’d have a few hundred bucks in my pocket. The point is that even having compendious knowledge of probability, or even game theory, is not enough to have a perfect game. I see this closely related to not having the perfect run, except I would substitute luck with human maintenance and biology.

It’ll all be OK. I just need to give it time to heal. The problem is I’m not patient enough for waiting around for a foot to heal. But I know it’s the right thing to do.

Stay strong.