I’ve been tapering for the past few days, but maybe not so well. I’m not running a lot, but maybe more than a “tapering” calls for. But I’m not concerned. I don’t overdo my speed on runs anyway, so to me it’s still tapering.

Last Saturday, Lisa and I started our morning run on the other side of the trail at Clinton (around mile 12, where the White trail comes out onto the road and near the East end–Cactus Ridge). This was nice because it gets you away from the everyday grind of running the same course over and over. Besides, I like this other end much better. Somehow, the scenery is much different and therefore it gives it a different, more naturey (go with me here on my neologisms), feel to it. I must admit, though, that it was a bit strange to be out there and feeling “fresh.” Also, it’s a bit harder to know your distance when you start around there. But I know it was easily 17-18 miles. One mile off won’t make or break my log.

The other strange thing is that when you drive in to this point, it’s really like half a mile, maybe three-quarters of a mile (I’ll give it one mile, tops). So you get there and think, “What the…? How did we get here so fast? Is this the right spot? It sure looks like the right spot. There’s the white trail.” So it really shows you how deep this trail goes and with how many turns there are.

Our Wednesday night run with the newly formed Trail Hawks went well. A few new faces and the same ol’ mud. But the mud was actually improving since we haven’t had rain in two days or so. I’m hoping it’ll continue like this for another week, until race day. It helps when you’re not ankle-deep in mud, but I’ll take either with pride.