Lately I’ve been in a rut. In my opinion, it’s not so much body-related, but school. It’s kinda mentally pulling me in weird directions and therefore throwing my schedule out-of-whack. I’ve been able to hit-up the treadmill and get at least decent workouts in, but it just doesn’t feel right. Something is off. It’s like I can’t focus. I’m in a daze.

First I had a very small stress fracture in my right foot which has passed, but now there’s a weird–and I mean weird–pain that comes and goes in the muscle that runs up my right leg starting around the ankle. It feels like it starts at (1) and moves on to (2), as marked on the chart.

The strange part is that it comes and goes! It’s as if my leg wants to collapse when I get the pain while running–because it’s not really a pain, although it kinda is, but more like the muscle is weakened and my right leg wants to collapse for a brief second (sometimes it slightly does). And because the pain comes and goes, I never know whether it’s okay to go running or rest it for the day. My guess is to rest it because I don’t want it to get any worse.

So I’m gonna rest today and run tomorrow morning instead of taking Friday’s off. Then, the plan is to go long this weekend. The weather seems as if it will cooperate to follow through with that plan. I just need to do something because Rockin’ K is right around the corner and I don’t wanna go into it soft. And right now I feel soft. I’m afraid this feeling will persist until the end of the semester in early May. I hope not, but I have a terrible fear this is true.