This week has been crap-ola with regard to running. And it all started with having two days off last week, Friday and Saturday. Ran a little–though nothing like I had hoped to run–and then came yet another day off, Tuesday. Wow. Then thought I’ll sorta catch up on Wednesday with almost 20. Yeah right. A little over 6 was tough enough to run because of time constraints. This thesis stuff is really a time killera. No joke. It’s especially rough when you get to certain spots in the research because stopping will just make it that much worse, so you continue on but obviously your running will suffer. My main concern is the upcoming 50-miler on April 4th. I should be okay, but I need mileage. But I believe I’m not being careful enough with my time management. I’ll tighten-up on that and should be able to still do at least 50-mile weeks.

All that gloomy news leads to slightly better news with today’s run. Ran with the Nerds; Nick, Gary, Greg, Mark, and Pat. Brett was around, but was having foot issues early on so he laid back a bit. Great group. Greg, Nick, and I kicked it up a notch and sorta took off towards the end and I think that made today’s run worth it. It’s nice to have a variation in a run, sorta like running fartleks. We pulled off about 12 miles. And today was the first time I ran the red trail. Very technical and rocky–and beautiful, basically next to the lake. Great run with a great group today. Not sure what’s in store for tomorrow; I guess it depends on how this weather behaves. If it’s not pouring tomorrow, I’ll head out for at least another 10. But we’ll see.

Hope everyone’s healthy and strong.

a But I’ve also had this weird foot problem. I call it “weird,” but it turns out it’s a slight stress fracture. See, as I’ve said in a previous post: time off is seriously a killer for me. I can’t have TWO days off. I just can’t handle that. My body can’t handle that. It needs the stress of running. But anyway, I think it’s getting better. I can still feel the pain, but fortunately not when I’m running. Being idle is when I feel it more. But it’s all good. Really. I should be in tip-top shape by Rockin’ K.