I’ve been into training relatively hard on hills lately and I can only see it getting better as I’m getting stronger. For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been thinking of the best way to simulate a portion of Leadville 100 (the one that has something like a 4500′ increase in elevation in about 4 miles or so). Given that all the treadmills on campus only go up to 15%, I decided that this was my only option. So after warming up a bit (10 minutes), I decided it was time to bring it on.

I increased the incline to 15% and kept it there for the remainder of the hour (50 minutes). I did several things at this incline. Going into it, I was thinking I will just speed-walk the entire hour. Yeah, right. I was feeling too good. So I cranked up the speed to about 4.5 and ran it for a half mile. Then I brought up back down to a brisk walking pace–between 3.4-3.5 pace. Did that for about 3/10 mile or so then back up to the run. This continued on for a bit until I remembered not to injure myself by going too much in one workout. Then I slowed it down a bit by walking a bit more than running, but still pushing for something definitely over 2000 ft in elevation.

When it was all said and done I had gained 2600 feet of elevation in this 50 minute workout. The mileage in this time was about 3.5 miles. So it appears that you cannot simulate the portion of Leadville with the mad incline. However, you can get close and the workout itself isn’t so bad. Once I get stronger, I’ll run more of it. But for now, I’ll workout out smartly and not get myself injured in the process.

And as a side note: I wore my Drymax Maximum Protection socks for this workout and they worked like a charm. I was sweating pretty profusely, but these socks kept my feet dry and feeling comfortable the entire time. These socks are the real-deal. These guys even offer a money back guarantee that this sock will keep your feet drier than any other sock. That kind of guarantee is just unheard of. I gladly stand behind this sock and will recommend it to anyone looking for a sock that will finally get the job done.