Tomorrow is my first running race.  The only other race I partook in was during my cycling days back in 2001 in Cali.  So this is pretty exciting for me.  

To be honest, I thought I’d be a bit more nervous about “a race,” but I feel pretty calm about it.  Maybe it’s because I’m only doing 10 miles.  But to be honest, I try not to think “Oh, this is only 10 miles so I really don’t care about it as much as if I were running a 50K or longer.”  I’m a pretty fair person and try to treat everything equally.  So when I am ready for my 50-miler in a few months, I’m gonna train for that as hard as I trained for this one.  I try not to train for the distance (since I train many miles per week anyway), but train for strength and endurance.  Besides, I really don’t train in miles, but in hours.  I keep track of my miles, but I’m not as concerned about them as I am of my hours of training.
Or maybe my calmness is the fact that I ran the course last Saturday so I’m slightly familiar with it.  Dunno.  Either way, I feel confident and ready.  I’m just gonna go out there and run my race.  I’m gonna *try* and not care what goes on around me.  I primarily need to listen to my body.  My only concern is that I will push harder than I should be pushing for personal reasons, but since I’m aware of it I can possibly control it.
I suppose I’ll post a race report, but I’ll see if it’s worth it.  Ah, what the hell.  I’ll post something tomorrow.  Again, it’s my first race!  So there must be something to say.  Oh, and Lisa is bringing the camera so I think I’ll post some photos!