So there’s exactly one week until the Psycho WyCo 10 mile race. Having never been out there, I didn’t know what to expect. Sure, I heard a crap-load of stories about that trail, but everyone is different and “hard” is also different for everyone (unless we’re talking about “hard” races that have been defined as hard by damn near every person who has run it, e.g., HURT 100). So, naturally, I had to run it today (one loop, 10 miles) just to taste the trail for the first time. I don’t need to run hard my first time out, but I do need to taste the trail and know what I’m in for. This makes the visualization process that will happen this week that much easier for me. So here are some of my thoughts on it.

  • WyCo is not Clinton Lake, but I also wouldn’t agree with something I’ve heard, namely, “Running 10 at WyCo is roughly equivalent to running 20 at Clinton.”  Huh?  What the hell does that mean, or what is it supposed to mean?  Completely untrue.  Sure, there are comparatively longer and steeper hills, but, personally, I did not feel any more exhausted (or just “different,” for that matter) after 10 miles than I would have if I ran at Clinton this morning.  Moreover, the course is much more technical than Clinton so that will wear more people out when combined with the hills.  But to say that 20CL = 10WyCo is a complete misrepresentation.
  • Ahhh, the (infamous) hills everyone has been referring to.  They’re nice hills, I can tell you that for sure.  Some are even pretty steep (the very small ones are; you know, those annoying very short hills that are just there to be an obstacle because of their steepness).  But in general, I would say this course, and its hills, is “normal” (by what standard? I’m not sure, but let’s think of a course that has “decent” hills and say something like that is “normal”).  There is a hill that is the steepest of all which happens at the end, maybe a few miles from the 10 mile mark, that is relatively “mean,” but nothing like, Oh my goodness!  How will I ever continuously run up that hill?  Not even close.  But it’s a nice hill and I give it the props it deserves, no doubt about it.
  • The muddiness.  All I ever heard about was all this mud that can accumulate at WyCo.  Guess what?  That was not a lie.  The place was pretty damn muddy in spots and I have my shoes as proof.  And I would say that today wasn’t as bad as it could be.  I’d hate to see those spots when it’s really muddy!  Good God.  I wouldn’t even wanna think about that, let alone having to run through it.  Let me just say that today in some spots, my foot sank deep enough that when I went to pull it out in mid-run, I can feel a pretty hard tug on my shoe.  Since I’m inexperienced, to me that was pretty hardcore mud.  Again, imagine it muddier.  Forget it.  I wouldn’t wuss out on running it, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.
Overall it was a nice run with Lisa, Liz, and Pat.  We took an easy pace, as we didn’t have a choice but to stick together since Pat was the only one familiar with the course, and this is one course that if you don’t know your way, you will get lost for sure!  So, thank you to Pat once again for agreeing to run with us this morning.
I should mention that we’ve also got several of our Nerds in the Rocky Raccoon 100 today.  I’m keeping up on their status via Twitter and they all seem to be doing great.  The latest is several have made the 35 mile mark and they’re doing good.  I hope they all run it sub-24!  Rock on, guys.
Here’s to a good training week.  I’m not sure I’ll taper much since I’m only running a 10M race.  I think I’ll keep it a normal training week for now.  If I go “easy” at any point, it’ll be Thursday and Friday.  
My prediction: I have to honestly say that it depends on the condition of the trails.  If it’s muddy, ugh…well, still sub-2.  If it’s relatively dry, then I still say sub-2 but I don’t know how sub, really.  Can I make my bet with the guys?  It’d be tough, but I’ll be close if not (perhaps something like 1:45:00).  We’ll just have to wait and see.