School starts soon and I always worry about training time. Of course training is a “priority,” but it’s important to me as it’s part of me now. Moreover, I’ve grown even more addicted to trail running, and I worry about the early hours of running on the trail. I’ve got a headlamp, so I’m not sure why I worry about it. If anything, it should be a peaceful experience. Speaking of which, I think I need to see when they open the gates to the trail. The other option is just doing some training on the indoor track/treadmill at the gym on campus.

I think I worry a bit more than usual about my training because I’m planning on defending my thesis this semester. So, needless to say, I will need a lot of time to square that away. But on the bright side, I prefer running early in the morning and therefore can work throughout the day and into the early evenings. As long as I can get my mileage in, I don’t care how long I stay in the lab. In fact, hard running in the morning will probably clear my mind and could in fact help me in writing my thesis (in theory, of course). But even theory aside, I feel better after hard/long runs.

Enough of that. I think this semester will be just fine. I just think I’ll need to tighten my daily schedule and be a bit more rigid with it. All will be well. No doubt.