As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been running on trails this week. As a matter of fact, I even joined a local group called the Kansas City Trail Nerds. As their names implies, they’re trail runners and they’re a great bunch of people. They run the local trail here in Lawrence, River Front Park (RFP), on Wednesday nights and other trails around the KC area throughout the week. I’ll join them at other trails when I can. One of those times will be tomorrow at Clinton Park, also here in Lawrence. Tomorrow will be my long run for the week: 10 miles.

Unlike RFP, the trail is supposedly much more technical and I think the hills are a bit meaner. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing because I was convinced by Gary, a Nerd member, to do the 10-mile trail race in February (Valentines Day, actually). I haven’t signed up yet, but I’m pretty sure I will (as long as I discuss this again with Lisa and make sure it really is OK to do it). I think Lisa was thinking of going to Springfield, Missouri for the weekend. But I think we can leave Saturday after the race, maybe around noon or so. Again, I need to recheck.

I do have to admit that since running trails, I’m feeling leg muscles I haven’t felt in the past just running road or track at the gym. For one, my quads are a bit sore. Hamstrings–oh, hi…I forgot about you guys. And I’m still having shinsplint problems. This crap doesn’t seem to go away. I’m really tired of it. And lately its been getting pretty extreme during any run, but 20 minutes after the run, it’s as if nothing ever happened. After Wednesday’s run with the group, I had a pretty rough time walking because of that pain (and we only ran about 7 miles or so). So I’m trying different exercises to strengthen my shins on all sides.

I hope tomorrow’s run goes well and 10 trail miles won’t kill me! Nah, I doubt it, but I hope I have fun (and stay warm because it’s supposed to be about 20 degrees tomorrow morning!).